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Top Social Media Marketing Tips for Newbie Entrepreneurs

First-time business owners have plenty of things on their minds. If you're developing your brand, choosing your staff, managing operations, and running your company right down to the tiniest detail, it usually is all too easy to overlook the aspect of marketing. However, with the amazing growth of social networking, even the smallest enterprises now have access to the exact same platform large companies use for marketing. Social media provides a cost-effective, user-friendly approach to develop your brand, broaden your web presence, as well as ultimately boost your business. You just need to understand how to take full advantage of it.

Gather Followers to Your Social Media Accounts

Your initial task is to have your potential consumers to observe you. Begin by placing Facebook and Twitter links on your website or blog. Also add links on all promotional materials you distribute, from business cards to brochures to emails. Expect to manage your Facebook fan page and Twitter account every time you're networking. And do not simply let your social media profiles become inactive and waiting for customers to find them. Invest some time searching for second- and third-degree friends and recommending that they "follow" or "like" you.

Give Customers an Interactive Experience

Once you have established a good presence and acquired a decent number of followers, you have to see to it that you encourage interactions with the customers. A good example would be to post questions on your Facebook account which would encourage replies from your fans. You can post a question on how you can improve your service or product, or pretty much anything about your trade. You may also post giveaways on Facebook or Twitter in order to generate buzz. Do whatever it takes to encourage comments and reposts hoping that you go viral.

Respond to Everything

No matter what kind of comments you get on your social media accounts - whether they are good or bad - make sure to respond. Don't forget, prospective customers are going to be seeing your sites and determining whether they wish to be associated with you or not. A complaint has never been helpful, but should you follow up swiftly and address the matter, that negative thing can become a huge positive and will help attract new clients in.

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